What is self-cleaning glass?

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  • Published Dated: April 10, 2018

What is self cleaning glass?

Self-cleaning glass is an excellent solution for those hard to reach windows, or for people who just hate cleaning them! Whilst time and money is spent keeping your current windows clean with harsh chemicals and elbow grease, you could instead choose self-cleaning glass and let a combination of technology and nature keep your glass sparkling. Window Wise offer self-cleaning glass on all our windows for pristine panelling every time.

How does self-cleaning glass work?

The process of self-cleaning glass is completed in two stages. Each window pane has a thin layer of titanium dioxide, invisible to the human eye, that reacts with the UV rays in sunlight to breakdown organic dirt (dirt created by living things such as dust, bird droppings, plant sap etc).

The second stage happens when rain droplets form on the glass and creates a sheet that takes with it the waste that has been loosened by the sun. This carries on throughout its entire lifetime, so you won’t have to climb up a wobbly ladder to reach your windows again!

Do I need self-cleaning glass?

Self-cleaning glass reduces the need for cleaning products which can sometimes contain harsh chemicals that are detrimental to the environment. Whilst sometimes there may be non-organic dirt such as paint that needs to be removed, Window Wise recommend that you only use warm soapy water where you can. Our team can help you install self-cleaning glass in your home, so that you no longer have to spend your weekend trying to reach skylights and second level windows or paying for somebody else to do them.

Can you clean self cleaning glass?

Upon installation it may take up to seven days for the self-cleaning glass to absorb enough UV light to begin the cleaning method. However, it is built to last as the lifespan of the glass is the same as the window glaze itself and isn’t subject to wear and tear. Should you experience a dry spell where there is not much rain, then you can use a hosepipe to replicate the effect of rain on your windows!

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Have you been inspired by the wonder of self-cleaning glass? Windows can be installed with self-cleaning glass, for both home and commercial use. Check out our contemporary windows.

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We can also provide this exciting nanotechnology in exterior bifold doors.


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What is self-cleaning glass?