Best Bi-Folding Doors for Summer 2018

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  • Published Dated: June 11, 2018

It is finally summer, and here at Window Wise we couldn’t be more excited! Even when you’re at home you can bring the summer in to your house with bi-folding doors to open the world outside! Even when your new bi-folding doors are not open, they will provide a gorgeous stream of light, warming up any room. During the rest of the year, bi-folding doors add security and energy efficiency by keeping the warmth inside your property.

Benefits of Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors are doors that slide open and stack neatly against a wall when all the panels are folded. Perhaps the biggest feature of bi-folding doors is the extra light that you’ll be getting with the glass panels, which will also create a contemporary, modern look all year round.

Of course, the practicality of bi-folding doors is an added bonus to the already-sleek design as the panels take up minimal room when they’re open. You, your family and your guests can move between your garden and home with ease without the hassle of having to open and close doors constantly.

Not only are bi-folding doors a practical yet stylish way to move in and out of your house, but did you know that they are a sought-after feature for homebuyers? By installing bi-folding doors your house value will increase. They will also help retain heat, meaning that your energy efficiency will improve!

Window Wise will install any bi-folding door from our collection ready for summer at the highest standard by our own staff. Our team will help you design a set of doors that works for your home and décor personalised to you. See more from our bi-folding sliding door range!

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Best Bi-Folding Doors for Summer 2018